The Pack became “Texas Toast” may become “Bear Bait”

The Pack became “Texas Toast” may become “Bear Bait”
October 18, 2016

By Wayne Sargent

The Green Bay Packers, now (3-2) were bushwhacked by the Dallas Cowboys (4-1) in front of 78,481 frustrated Fan’s in Lambeau Field this past Sunday, losing 30-16.  The Dallas Cowboys came into Lambeau Field with a vengeance. Showcased by their rookie quarterback Dak Prescott along with rookie running back Ezekliel Elliott made “Texas Toast” out of the Green Bay Packers.

Prescott threw just 18/27 pass attempts for only 247 yards but was enough to overpower former MVP Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers threw a respectable 31/42 pass attempts for 294 yards. However, He lacked accuracy, fumbling twice. The Pack as a team had a total of 5 fumbles, losing 3. Time of possession was nearly identical with GB 29:50, Dallas 30:10.

Ezekiel Elliott up against the #1 ranked run defense in the league ran for an impressive 28 times gaining 157 yards. Eddie Lacy, equally impressive in his own way ran 17 times gaining 65 total yards.  

The Packers for whatever reason have been in a slump that goes back 16 games. The coach, the players, the fan’s, the media have all voiced opinion for the trending declining performance. Is it Mike McCarthy, is it the offensive coordinator, is it injury, is it the predictable play calling, or is Aaron Rodgers the blame? There’s been a lot of finger pointing but no one seems to know, just what is the right answer? I hope somebody nails to down pretty soon. We certainly can’t blame it on lack of talent, so who or what is causing this so called Super Bowl top contender for 2016 to continue its demise? After this Thursday the schedule gets tough. Adjustments need to be made now! “All that matters is that we get into the Playoffs”. Sure it true! An absolute correct statement. The only problem being is that we have to win to get there.

On Thursday night the Green Bay Packers will face the struggling Chicago Bears, (1-5) at Lambeau Field. Without their starting quarterback Jay Cutler, the already depleted offense has been troubled and plagued with injury. Should we worry? Damn straight we should! The Packers are no longer trusted as predictable! They lack fire and enthusiasm; they just don’t appear to be having fun anymore. Missed pass attempts, fumbles, injury, play calling, penalties or coaching; whatever the reason is it’s taking its toll. Coming into this season I never imagined fearing the Bears may prevail and win again here at Lambeau.

The rivalry began back in 1921. Since then these teams have met 192 times, Chicago leads with 94-92-6. They have a combined total of 22 NFL Championships. Green Bay has 13 and Chicago has 9. They also have a combined total of 58 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame; Chicago has 30 and Green Bay has 28. The biggest blowout between these two hallowed franchises was back in 1980 with the Bears embarrassing the Pack by a score of 61-7. They last faced each other at Lambeau on November 26, 2015, the Bears won 17-13. I’m going with my heart on this one, the Pack wins big 37-13.

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