Goodbye to a Great Packers Fan & Friend!

Rick Nelson RIP
Rick Nelson was a Canton, OH native that lived in the shadows of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.  So it is very natural that he loved football and fully believe in God, Family and the Green Bay Packers.
God: Rick believe deeply in his Christian faith, fully trusted God and his plan for eternal life through Jesus Christ.
Family: Rick lived with and supported his mom, brother and two nephews.  Rick’s family extended well beyond this into his community and Packer family.
Packers: Rick was a huge Packer fan that made it up to Green Bay, Chicago, Canton and other locations to support his team and friends.
Rick was a kind and compassionate man that really cared about others and always had a smile on his face for others.  His annual tailgate party on Wednesday night at his home to kickoff the PF HOF weekend was always a Great time.
God Bless and RIP Rick!  Welcome to Heaven!! 

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